Posted on Apr 12, 2021

The Psychology Group Fort Lauderdale

Have you ever felt like it’s difficult to feel enjoyment while doing things you typically like doing?

Or like you’re either not interested or have less interest in doing things you commonly liked?

For those who have experienced this, there is a word for it, it’s called anhedonia. Anhedonia is difficulty experiencing interest, joy, or pleasure in activities that you used to enjoy.

This may come up as a symptom of a mental health condition (such as depression, substance use disorder, etc.), or on its own.

If you are interested in learning more about anhedonia, check out Dr. Gabriela Sadurní Rodríguez’s latest blog post.

Read it by clicking here:

Learn more about another psychological concept called, Alexithymia here:

Learn more about Dr. Gabi here:

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